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MODULE CODE: D5 CS1 ASSESSMENT 2 Personal development; is a hard work that certainly needs to be accomplished. It needs arsenal of patience; it takes time, courage and also a dedication. The process of evolution gets one to full autonomy by personal development because it is most efficient way to begin.
Furthermore, personal development is a lifelong process where one shows and assesses their quantities and the skills aiming in life and setting of goals so as to maximize and realize their potential. Personal development leads to rising of confidence and fulfilling of higher quality life. It is also lead to personal empowerment that is enabled by planning a relevant
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(2016) is key areas of self-awareness in personal development based on the normally unchanging personalities, values and needs accordingly. One can find situation that will thrive and find a good understanding of personalities on how to avoid situations which will experience too much stress. For instance, if one is a highly introverted person, is likely to have and experience more stress in life than a highly extroverted person would. So, as a person, one knows his or her weaknesses and the way to overcome those weaknesses is to learn skills to cope and find a position that favors one’s personality. One’s awareness of personality helps to cope and analyzing such a decision.
Secondly, according to Powell, A. (2015) self-esteem plays a huge part in one’s personal development and success in life. Many people have very low self-esteem and this make them have a choice of staying in the background. The failing fear of being engage in some challenges is what ruining everything in self-esteem. One find it really hard to be engaged in public and talk to people around because lacking self-esteem makes their public speaking one scary
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Negative thoughts bring negative consequences in life and that supposed to be taken seriously and do away with so as to have firm personal development foundation.
Furthermore, time management in personal development is taken as a process on how to arrange time to complete certain activities. This can be done by planning time and also by organizing so that one can have smarter work and get more work done in a short period of time. The failure to time management causes stress and damages effectiveness of one’s potential.
The improvement of one’s ability can be done when wisely managing of time and this lead to the highest achievers in personal development. Failing to manage time can also bring negative impacts; for example, one can miss deadlines of submissions, one’s poor work quality and one’s inefficient work flow.
According to Adair, J. and Allen, M. (2014), Time management can be successfully achieved when one is following some of its principles being; preparing in advance, scheduling of time and beginning in

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