Explain How People Make New Year Resolution

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1.1 People make new year resolutions because they feel it’s a new beginning to the year and for themselves as well. It is another fresh start or a second chance to do things right. 1.2 People make unrealistic goals and expectations, people easily get discouraged and abandon the goal if they don’t see immediate changes (people are impatient) or the resolution is significantly out of alignments with their internal view of themselves (copying other people’s goals and resolutions). 1.3 The three tips: a) Be specific about your resolution. Have a clear indication what it is you want, and see or envision how it will feel to achieve that specific goal. b) Make sure the goal is realistic and attainable. It should be within your grasp and you should…show more content…
The one thing valued by this mission statement is the past and how you can use it to your advantage going forward in life. This mission statement will easily have the ability to fulfil its purpose because everyone has been through something traumatic or even sad in his/her past. So this will then give people hope and inspiration to accept what happened in the past and use it to your advantage. This mission statement informs us about the behaviour of the person as a positive person who enjoys learning through making mistakes and using their past as a valuable learning tool. Starbucks mission statement: Their mission statement is clear and has positive intensions to bring everyone in the neighbourhood together using beverages. The one thing valued by this mission statement is the wellbeing of the human nature and human spirit. This mission statement has the ability to fulfil its oupose because everyone likes the idea of everyone coming together and bonding over a cup of delicious coffee. This informs us on how the company behaves because we can see this company believes in human interaction and being tolerant and kind towards one

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