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In response to the current vacancy announcement for Sergeant First Class, I respectfully request consideration for assignment as Assistant Station Commander, Hope Station. In my 17 years of dedicated service, I’ve become an accomplished Trooper and gained the experience that accurately represents my comprehension of supervisory principles. It is my goal to advance in rank, and further my career in a higher leadership role. I served in the capacity of a supervisor for the past six years at both traffic and general police stations within Troop B field Operations. As a Squad Supervisor, I’ve successfully provided a style of leadership to personnel through planning, cooperation, and maintaining the core values of the State Police. By doing so, I’ve …show more content…

This has given me a broad perspective and a sound understanding of future career goals and the ability to successfully lead. Through my leadership, I successfully managed and coordinated many details involving Troopers and outside agencies actively working together toward a common goal. This ability I posses to formulate relationships with members who have been under my command, have facilitated my success as a leader. Through both evaluations and performance commendations, I was consistently recognized for my leadership and productivity generated from squad members. These traits I possess, in addition to my knowledge, leadership qualities, and assignment history are essential to succeed as an Assistant Station Commander. This performance standard is an accurate reflection of my abilities to lead by providing exceptional supervision and achieving all Division benchmarks. This attainment is an integral part of mid-level management. I believe that with my experience, you will find my candidature exceptionally well suited to the assignment as Assistant Station Commander at Hope

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