Automata Theory In Computer Design

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Automata is the study of abstract computing devices machines and their algorithms design for any software. It exposes students to a variety of mathematical models and helps build confidence in them, thus encouraging them to be creative, to take chances, and to tread new ground while designing systems. Historically, been high performance and not high reliability N order to prove that even the simplest of systems operates correctly, one has to examine so many inputs and their corresponding outputs for correctness.
Automata theory is very useful in the field of software and also design computer games. It is very useful in multidiscipline computing software and also for research as a main tool.
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When we required to go from one state to other state the symbol “RC” is required. At this stage, when we design finite state automata assume that the simple form of alphabets string should be passed on  language. 2. BROKEN TRACK (BT):
When ride is running towards its final state somehow there was an interrupt occur in the form of broken track the special symbol “BT” represent it. If we press “BT” the speed of the coaster automatically set to 0km\hrs. This input alphabet is used when a player is not in the mood of winning the game and wants forcefully to exit the game at this stage player has no experience that how this game to be played. Whenever this type of input is received from a player to the machine it consider that player would be in lose state. Fig 3: roller coaster with broken track
The effect of broken track and sharp edge is similar to each other. Both done same work. When player is present at any state they read input “SE” the speed of the coaster will be 0km\hrs. Same as broken track. If player is not want to win the game and wishes to end game at this state they press it. By reading this symbol from the player game will never reach to the final state.

0km\hrs train broken
Fig 4: roller coaster with broken
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At least 4 coins must be collected to win the game with the sum of 100$reward without fulfilled this condition to win the game is not possible.
i) Collect 5 coins to reach the final state they received a 200$ reward. 5th coin will reward the player to 100$. The 5th coin is optional. So this point is not
Include in must condition. Same as ii. iii. iv. These point get reward the player but it’s not necessary to achieved in order to win the game. ii) If a player collect 6 coins to win the game. It will awarded by a 400$. It is also optional its depends on the player to collect or not. But still player will be able to win the game by collecting up to 4 coins. iii) If a player collect 7 coins to win the game. It will awarded by an 800$. It is also optional its depends on the player to collect or not. But still player will be able to win the game by collecting up to 4 coins. iv) If a player is cross the fire ring and goes to final state it will be rewarded as 2000$. Crossing the fire ring is optional it stage is only design to build the interest of the player in game.
v) Al least player must perform one stunt in whole game. If user make such type of path that will full of stunt after that it will be rewarded with

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