Autumn Child Observation Paper

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Autumn was born in Florida on February 14, 2012. Autumn is five years old and a female. Autumn is an only child. Autumn has been at the head start preschool for going on two years. The mother left the father when she was four months pregnant, but returned just two months later. Cally carried Autumn full term and she was born by C-section. Autumn started attending an Early Childhood Center in March. Since they moved to Kansas two years ago, there were times Autumn would go five months without any contact from her dad, or he would promise to pick her up and never show up. The Ryan family is very active in her life and always has been. Cally stated her boyfriend Josh has been a big part of Autumn’s life. Cally feels he is a significant role model …show more content…

Autumn will not receive services from the ECSE teacher for these areas. Based on the comprehensive evaluation scores Autumn is below average developmental levels for her age in the domains of social/emotional and fine motor. Autumn qualifies for special education services in the area of social/emotional and motor. Autumn will receive services from the ECSE teacher. She will attend an inclusive preschool setting five days a week all day. Autumn would benefit from learning additional social skills to assist with coping with stressful …show more content…

The classroom has letters, words, print, and numbers all over the room. There will be large and small group learning during the routine of the day. This can be in the transitions to and from the bathroom by have the students help you count all the student to check they are all out of the bathroom.
Pre-Academic Adaptations
Autumn would benefit from various learning context, teacher provides focused mathematics time that is interesting and meaningful, integrating math learning experiences with curriculum areas throughout the day.
Autumn would benefit from engaging and comprehension by using strategies such as reading with expression and asking questions. Enhancing Autumns vocabulary by providing simple explanations or synonyms for words that are new to her.
Autumn would benefit from activates that give her motivation to write like making a lunch menu. Encourage Autumn to write her name in shaving cream or in the air.
Autumn can experience the world around her by focuses on the use of processes of science in Autumns everyday life. Such items as weights, lights, and items from outside are available for the students to touch, feel and

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