Banning The Penny Argumentative Essay

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Sanella Tsuber
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Argumentative Essay

Banning the Pennie

Is the penny worth for what it is made for? Pennies are not really worth much, so i think that the United States Of America should ban it out of this country. Pennies are nice and small but they just waste our time. Jim Flaherty, the Canadian finance minister said “Pennies take up too much space on our dressers at home”, like other countries we should take the penny away. Frankly the penny just costs way too much, so why not ban it?
The penny costs more than it is worth. Millions of dollars are going to waste into producing them and it can just add the money up. The cost of producing and distributing one pennie is 2.4 cents(Sommer). Every penny that is made, taxpayers lose money. Even though the penny might not seem worth much but per taxpayer it adds up to sixty million dollars a year(Sommer). To produce a penny it will cost a lot of money and why should we wanna waste money on something that is not worth for what it is.
Other than the pennies costing to much, other countries have released the penny from their countries. Many countries have stopped having the pennies without any major disasters. Already Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Finland, The Netherlands, …show more content…

They say that banning the penny will not be necessary because since they don't really matter they can be donated for a good cause.A school found out, their power in numbers, they started a penny drive which landed them 3,000 dollars from all those pennies(Waterhouse). All those people out there that want to keep the penny have grown an attachment to them. They say that it is a piece of American culture(Story). Also, they say that the rounding process if not a very good process. If we. Do get ride of the penny then it will cost customers 600 million per year(Mancuso). There is still many people out there that will and want to keep the

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