Baseball Team Research Paper

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Baseball Team Why don 't you join the baseball team? There are many ways you can join the baseball team. You should join the baseball because it can help you be faster, stronger, and more athletic. Also, you can ask a friend if they play baseball, and if so you can ask where they play. Now I am going to talk about how baseball is risky. Baseball is a ultra fun sport to play because sometimes you are up to bat and if you get out you lose or if you get a hit you win. Same thing as if you are in the field, if a ball is hit to you, you must the play and if you don’t, you lose. Baseball is a risky sport to play in, and baseball is a game of inches. Sometimes, the coach sends you home on risky play and you are safe, then your team and fans…show more content…
One way you can become good is to practice on your free time. Also, you can join a team and practice every time they do and show up to all the games. You need to learn the fundamentals of baseball: throwing, fielding, catching, and hitting. You need to buy a glove, mit, and helmet for baseball. Once you learn the fundamentals then you can learn how to hit for power, throw faster, make diving catches, double plays etc . . . That is why you should learn the fundamentals of baseball and practice to become good at baseball. All-Star teams are hard to be on in baseball. To be on an All-Star you need to practice multiple times a week. You have to tryout for the team and do the best you can at fielding, catching, hitting, and throwing. It is extremely fun to play on an All-Star team because you get to travel out of town on most weekends. You get to hang with your friends at all the time at practice. You get to stay in hotels every time you travel out of town. When you get into tournaments you play other All-Star teams that are extremely good. That is why is is fun to be on an All-Star. You should play baseball because you can get stronger, faster and more athletic. Baseball can be risky, you need to learn the fundamentals, and how to get on an All-Star team. Now that you know how fun it is to play baseball, you should go try it
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