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I have attended Laguna Blanca School since the beginning of high school. I faced many challenges that I had not been prepared for, such as managing my time with schoolwork and sports. Freshmen year I struggled to find the time to finish my work, so I had to work in between classes or immediately after class to keep up with other classes. After the semester, I was frustrated and wanted to leave Laguna Blanca to attend a public school, where the workload and academics might be less challenging; however, I decided to stay at Laguna to better prepare myself for college. Being a student at Laguna Blanca has given me many responsibilities, but there is always assistance available. For example, I am able to ask teachers or counselors for help with coursework I have not fully grasped. I find it very comforting that I have help whenever I need with my schoolwork at Laguna Blanca. Likewise, playing on a team sport builds a great bond with other students at the school. I enjoy playing basketball and…show more content…
From the beginning of high school, I have been interested in the field of sports training and sports medicine. At 13 years old, I developed Osgood-Schlatter disease, which is the inflammation of the patella in the knee. I was advised by my doctor to ice my knee and ask my school 's athletic trainer to help with stretching exercises. The athletic trainer was one of the most genuine staff members I have worked with at the school. Throughout this rehabilitation process, I became interested in helping other athletes fulfill their athletic goals including preventing injuries. I believe majoring in kinesiology will be a great foundation for the understanding of human movement and how health affects your overall well-being. My ultimate career goal will be to work for a professional sports team as their athletic trainer and majoring in kinesiology will help prepare me to achieve this
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