Best Buddies Reflection

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I’ve been a part of Best Buddies for 3 years now. Best Buddies a program that pairs up special needs students in the school with a peer buddy. As a peer buddy my goal is to ensure that the student I’ve been paired up with feels included in the school community by visiting them at least once a week and going to various trips with them. Quite simply put, the goal is to pair up long lasting friends that stand together to fight the stigma against mental health.

Additionally, a teacher and I formed RESPECT 2 years ago and I have been the co-founder and president of it ever since. It is an inclusivity group that tries to promote an anti-bullying ideology throughout the school. It is my responsibility to organize and host meetings and events, promote said events, recruit members, do administrative duties such as writing proposals, and to stand up for victims of bullying.

I was also a member of the Loyola Justice League for a year. As part of the club, I would organize and promote events designed to spread awareness about social justice issues within both …show more content…

I was an actor in the play alongside working on promoting the event. The play served the purpose of breaking the stigma surrounding domestic and women 's violence, all the funds were meant to go towards the local women 's shelter. Unfortunately, the play was unable to continue due to the illness of the supervising teacher.

I have also been part of Team Unbreakable for 2 years now. Team Unbreakable is a running group that runs marathons to promote mental health and break any stigma surrounding it. For my first year, I was a member who was required to regularly come to practices and participate in the marathons. In my second year, I became a student leader who helped promote the group and ensure that new members felt comfortable and knew the routes.

Additionally, I was on the honour roll for all 3 years of highschool for achieving an academic average above

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