Challenges Of Blended Learning

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1.3 Discussion: Benefits and challenges of using Blended learning.
The using of blended learning in learning method provides several benefits for students, teacher and institutions. Furthermore, several challenges will face BL in the implementation. Here, we will summarize the most benefits that gained from using BL, and challenges.
1.3.1 The Benefits of blended learning are:
The benefits of blended learning according of previous literatures is divided into three dimensions which are related to learning process architectures (figure 2), these are the students (as learning input), learning process, and learning outputs. Figure 2: Learning process model architecture BL benefits on students (learning input).
According to related
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The institutions must applied and operate the blended learning approach and must be aligns with their curriculum goals and objectives must be considered when blended learning implement blended learning [10]. In addition, high quality support required in elements of blended learning for “organizational infrastructure, course and faculty development, as well as consistent student learning support mechanisms”. Continuous evaluation on institution, faculty, and students were effected on blended learning. Responsive and reliable must represented by institutional culture. Sufficient resources placements need for these blended learning elements. [10]

Table 1: A summary of benefits that studies using blended learning to improve SLO.
Benefits of Using Blended Learning to improve Students Learning Outcomes (SLO) papers learning input (students) learning process (environments) learning outcomes (SLO) Evaluation on SLO for improvement.
[1] √ √ √ ×
[2] √ √ - ×
[3] - √ √
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However, the measurement used in their blended learning approaches to indicate their improvement that based on final course grades. Moreover, the blended learning methods used as three forms of blending technologies in in class instructions. Blended learning that provide E-contents of course, online lectures, exams, quizzes, videos, etc. On the other hand, they provide online interaction and support discussion forums about in class instructions. The students learning outcomes grades based on students skills not addressed in literatures review, even though some studies found an improvement happen on students learning outcomes after using their blended learning environments in students’ achievements, but also id depend on increasing of final course

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