Brave New World Excerpt Analysis Essay

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The excerpt that I’m going to be talking about is called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I am going to identify literary elements such as character, conflict, and plot. The second thing I am going to identify is literary techniques such as vocabulary, style, and tone. The final thing I am going to identify is the universal meaning like thoughts, prior knowledge, and feelings. Without any of the three topics there would be no great story written. Literary elements are the main topic to put a summary together. The conflict in the excerpt is person vs. society, the person is the savage and the society is the controllers. The plot of the excerpt is that the controllers don’t want to believe in anything and the savage want the controllers to understand that there is a god. The main characters are the savage and the controllers in the excerpt. The literary elements are the structure of the whole set up of a story. Literary…show more content…
My thoughts on the excerpt was that it was very entertaining but, I didn’t like the new society. I feel upset that the controllers were not open to new thing and acceptant of other people and religion. If people read the excerpt they would choose the savage's’ side if they had a wild personality and if they had more of a chill personality then they would probably choose the side of the controllers. That’s my universal meaning of the excerpt. The excerpt Brave New World by Aldous Huxley has a lesson to be learned in the excerpt that has a key of life. The literary element can help you put a summary together or construct a story. The literary techniques help you read the story smoother or gives you clues to understand the story. The universal meaning is what your opinion of story or excerpt you read. I think the author’s purpose of the excerpt was to see the different points of view in each lives such as just happiness or happiness with a little bit of
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