Burger King Cost Strategy

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Aggressively pursuing refranchising opportunities: Burger King are strongly working towards finding ways and means to refranchise their domestic and international company outlets to their existing or new franchisees, they believe a business model where their entire business is highly franchised will mean lesser capital investment on their part and better profits and margins. Maintaining strong focus on corporate-level cost structure: . Burger King are continuously trying to find opportunities to improve the Corporate level general and administrative efficiencies (G&A). The method that they introduced is called Zero based budgeting program which basically means that departmental budgets, estimation of costs and expenditure should be from…show more content…
Burger King Marketing mix Price Burger king faces high competition from competitors like Mcdonalds. It looks after the needs of the customers and sees to it that the customers feel satisfied paying the price they are for the items so the prices range from easily accessible to, to high price range as it has a vast number of customers from different income range. The prices are also determined by looking after the prices of its competitors.  Burger King recently joined McDonalds in offering a $1 double cheese burger.  Burger King plans to sell slushy drinks for $1 leading into the summer in order to offer an alternative to McDonalds $1 summer drink.  The company also will continue to sell its new premium burger, the Steakhouse XT, for $3.99 through mid-September, with another national television ad splash planned in August Promotions Like any other fast food chain burger king has made itself popular by advertising in television and print media. Its strategy is based around the concept of reorganization and revitalizing its brand at definite periods. It is very well known for its hit slogan “Have It Your Way” and its famous…show more content…
Physical Evidence  Buger King is based in Miami, Florida and is present worldwide having 11,900 restaurants in more than 50 states inclusing 336 in Michigan, 122 in Arizona, 547 in Florida and 107 in Alabama  Burger King has its own website bk . com . The site provides people with information about the products being sold , offers, about the company, its history etc.  Burger King is trying to reinvent itself and its doing this by changing its décor. It wanted to create an exceptional and memorable dining environment and drew inspiration from its flame-gilled cooking process.The company revamped up all of its nearly 12,000 locations with the new look, including LCD menu screens, corrugated metal and brick walls, as well as an exterior that emphasizes the “Home of the Whopper” tagline. It also got its franchisees to commit to these remodeling efforts by developing a low Burger king cost remodeling alternative and provided them with access to a third-party financing

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