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As a group we attended the career fair, upon arriving we walked around observing the different booths. We noticed that there were a variety of companies which surprised us, we assumed that the companies attending the career fair would be local businesses searching for future employees. The career fair is a great place for students to search for a job, they have many different companies to choose from that are searching for a wide variety of majors. They can also see the companies that are hiring for their major. Students attending the career fair were dressed in a professional manner and were handing out resumes.
Who are the people The people at the tables range from employees to managers to recruiters. Target, the firsts company …show more content…

In companies a lot of managers do the hiring, so they would most likely be the ones attending career fairs. In the military recruiters attend these events because that’s what they do every day and they know what it takes to be in that job. By sending out those qualified people they are insuring that the most qualified will come searching for the job. They aren’t going to be wasting their time interviewing someone that is not qualified or a good fit for the job because they would have already figured that out from the career …show more content…

Out of the companies that we talked to the only returning company was Target, they attend OSU’s career fair twice a year. One of the employers that we talked to had received the opportunity for a job from OSU’s career fair, proving that their company has found a way to make it successful. This shows that companies are really actively searching for future employees, they aren’t just there to get their name out and make an appearance. The other two companies that we talked to had never been to Oregon State’s career fair but both companies had attended other career fairs before. Union Pacific Railroad Company stated that the career fairs that they have attended in the past have been successful and they have found some great employees from them. When we asked AT&T how successful the career fairs that they attended in the past were, they did not state but implied that they had not been very successful. The question was glanced over and the recruiter started talking about the company and what it had to

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