Career Goal

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To become a researcher in the field of Computer Science is my long term career goal. I strongly believe, pursuing a graduate program will be the crucial step towards fulfilling my career aspiration.
Growing up, I had the privilege of learning computer fundamentals in my grade school and my father was kind enough to let me use his work computer for both my homework and play time. Over the course of years, I have journeyed past the “Hello World!” and programming macros in Excel and few advanced programming skills in C, Python, Java, Databases etc and have since realized that computer have become a basic necessity to enhance quality of one’s life.
I completed my schooling from a government high school. It is a matter of pride that I was also the school leader. My active participation in extra-curricular activities, debating and quiz competitions right from my schools days have helped me to develop …show more content…

I was so fascinated by this technology, later which I have made this as my Final year project entitled “Flexible Storage in Cloud Computing”. The main aim of this project is to provide storage to users in a flexible way coupled with reduced time complexity. I have also completed a project in Data Mining entitled “Study Of Literacy Rate in Primary School”. The goal of this project is just to predict the literacy rate of a particular state by taking the previous data with attributes like number of students, gender party index, gross enrollment ratio, attendance, number of teachers, drop outs, examination results. Our objective is to assess how these attributes related to output class called literacy rate with the help of different classification techniques. Having acquired a solid foundation in the field of Computer Science through a rigorous undergraduate program, and my various chops in the field of Computer Science field, at this point, I feel that it is the right time to take up graduate

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