Carreeker Case Study

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Russ Carreker grew up playing football and had the opportunity to play collegially at Auburn University. He started to study to become a veterinarian, but that did not work out. He finished school in business and was looking for something that he could start making money from. Mr. Carreker believed in seven different things that could help a business become successful: You must have a good product at a great price or a great product at a good price, selling skill at the right market, be able to be the accountant of your own business until you can find someone who can do it for you, start off with enough capital because in a new business something is going to go wrong, ability to get others to help you get to where you want to be, be passionate…show more content…
Carreker has always had a partner he has gone and invested in things with. He made sure he would have enough capital and he and his partner started to acquire different apartment buildings and renovate them and sell them for more profit. They own about 2000 apartments in the southeast. Mr. Carreker had never settled for a partner for hire, he has made sure the partner wanted to succeed as bad as he did and made sure he or she was a trustworthy partner. Mr. Carreker is a big outdoorsman and he loves to hunt. He and his partner came up with an idea of a trail camera that would take pictures every five seconds, and compile it into a time lapse video. He is now the president of Day 6 Outdoors. This company is based around his new idea and is trying to sell it to hunters nationwide. Day 6 Outdoors is continuing to grow and help design, market, and build new hunting and outdoor equipment. Sports teach you to never give up. Being an entrepreneur Mr. Carreker has gone through some tough times financially. He never gave up. He continued to do what he loved and was able to make a career out of it. I really enjoyed this speech because I can relate to sports and how a sport is just a game, but it teaches you so many life lessons while you are
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