Causes And Effects Of Bullying Essay

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Topic: types of bullying and their effects on children.

I. definition
a) Peer aggression
b) Intentional and repeated behavior
c) Abuse of someone physically or socially

II. Types
a) Verbal bullying
1) Parents yelling at their children
I) Leads to depression
II) Feeling un important
III) Loses his ability to communicate with other children

2) Attention seeking
I) by calling the victim as fat or ugly
II) Humiliating the child in front of other children in order to feel more powerful
3) different social background
I) socially unconfident
II) jealousy
III) frequently crying

B) Physical
1) Child might be influenced by a certain wwe superstar
I) trying to copy the superstar move on other children.
a) Kicking
b) Slapping
2) Child might be bullied from elder people
I) trying to take revenge from other children
Symptoms of physical bullying
1) stress
2) anxiety
3) tiredness
4) abnormal fears c) Cyber
1) Seeking for fame
I) spreading rumors online
II) harassing other kids virtually

2) Skip school
3) Have more health problems
4) Socially un confident
5) Always feeling insecure

d) Prejudicial

I) they were raised in a conservative community
II) misjudging other children
III) feeling unimportant

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What are the main types of bullying? Everyday millions of children wake up afraid to go to school because of bullying. Bullying is an aggressive behavior from one person to another weaker person and it’s also when someone is being hurt by either words or actions it may occur directly or indirectly. It is widely founded in schools. It creates long term effects to the person who is being bullied and to the bully himself. There are many types of bullying, such as verbal bullying which is done orally and physical bullying which is done by using physical appearances such as violence and cyber bullying which rely on the internet and social networking and prejudicial bullying is where the bully misjudge the victimized

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