Causes Of Incivility In Nursing

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The study aims to investigate factors influencing incivility behaviors in nursing causing high turnover rates by examining and reviewing the causes of incivility behaviors, also to discuss the available effective strategies that can help reduce incivility behavior in nursing.
Internationally, various studies and reports have raised concern regarding hostile behaviors in the nursing workplace. Incivility in nursing is defined as rude or disruptive behaviors which often result in physiological or psychological distress for people involved and if left unaddressed, may progress into a threatening situation (Broome 2011). Although aggression and violence from patients and visitors are cause for concerns, nurses reported hostility among colleagues, managers and other professionals have been the most concern and an impact to nurses’ society. Incivility defines as “a rude or unsociable speech or behavior (Merriam 2010). The types of behaviors that constitute between nurses can be due to stress, heavy workload, bullying, harassment and aggressions. Incivility and bullying in nursing are complex problems that have garnered much attention in recent years (Felbinger 2008). Emerging evidence suggests that incivility in the workplace has significant implications from nurses, patients, and health care organizations causing a high turnover rate.
This study uses a descriptive qualitative design the aims of the study are to describe the factors

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