Cchs Marching Band Leadership Research Paper

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CCHS Marching Band Leadership Essay

Leadership is the most important aspect of a band. Depending on the qualities of the leaders, they are what can either hold the band up or tear them apart. Leadership is about more than just having a better social life or popularity status, which is how a lot of students treat it. Leadership should be treated professionally and with true passion. I had a good understanding of what makes a good leader before, but my understanding heightened after talking to my Fine Art’s counselor, Mrs. Wallace, about her views on what makes a good leader. Being punctual, firm yet fair, and using language everyone is able to understand are Mrs. Wallace’s main principles for being a good leader. My original views differ from …show more content…

These values show professionalism, which will in turn help you get the leadership position you desire. Dedication is really putting all your extra time and effort in to making whatever you are a part in the best it can be. A dedicated student will not come up with excuses to just to get out of rehersal or a show. You also need to pick someone respectful, for multiple reasons. One of which is so no problems occurr in the program, because when someone is disrespectful they make others frustrated with them and arguments begin (which is never ever a good thing for a group program). Also, being disrespectful to a peer is downright degrading. You will make people feel bad about themselves, then in return the will give up. If everyone is just respectful to each other things will run more smoothly and the results will be much more positive. But besides from being dedicated and respectful, you also need to be really truly dedicated to what you are doing. A passionate leader will pour their heart and soul into whatever they are doing, and that alone makes the outcome a million times more authentic and amazing then someone who just kind of showed up to the auditions and made it. These three traits have been what I have followed, while in different leadership position, to strive to be the best leader I …show more content…

Wallace, I have added some new aspects to my list of outstanding leadership skills. This includes being punctual, firm yet fair, and using easy to understand language. Leaders for a highschool activity should always be on time. If your leader is always late, that takes away from useable rehersal time, but if they show up when they are supposed to, you will be able to get done what needs to be done to make the program the best it can be. Also, future leaders really need to learn the concept of firm yet fair. This is because, if you are to light, you will be taken advantage of and no one will ever listen to you, but on the other hand, if you are too firm, everyone will start to dislike you therefore not listen to you. It is extremely important to have the perfect balance of both firm and fair. Another point Mrs. Wallace brought up, something I have never thought about before, is using language that people under you can actually unerstand. Which basically means not to use huge words that your group will not understand, beacuse if that happens, again people will get discouraged and probably not understand what is asked of them. Leaders need to not worry so much about trying to look smart, and just use common language that everyone understands. It will make everythng so much more easy. Overall, Mrs. Wallace and I share what we think makes great leaders, but we differ in the fact that she belives punctuality is most important when I believe

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