Cellular Respiration Essay Examples

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Cellular Respiration: The Soul of Energy On a warm summer day in England, a boy named Ciel was writing letters. After the letters were finished, Ciel went to the kitchen to get a drink of tea. Little did he know, that when he drank the tea a three-staged process called Cellular Respiration was taking place in his body. Cellular Respiration is a process that converts energy, like glucose, into carbon dioxide and water, that is necessary for the functions of life. Cellular Respiration also includes three stages: Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, and the Electron Transport Chain. Glycolysis, also known as Grell, noticed Larry the glucose and his ATP friends walk into his home, the Cytoplasm(glucose and 2 ATP go into the cytoplasm). Grell invited Larry and his friends to take a seat on a large chair. Grell was secretly excited because his friends did not know that the chair had automatic wrist restraints that appear when you sit down. Larry took a …show more content…

They were out walking by the same ride when Happy’s and Lucky’s legs fell off, and this made them freak out. They ran around the town screaming their ungrateful heads off and raising their anxiety level, which made them more hyped up. Then they ran out of the town and no one saw them again. Later on, the high-energy electrons (one of the reactants in the Electron Transport Chain) were seen in the Inner Mitochondrial Membrane (where the ETC takes place). The electrons were on their way to see their oxygen friend named Oreo. They were in such a hurry that they did not see the hydrogen passing by (Hydrogen is a reactant in ETC). By the time the electrons reached Oreo’s home, they were so tired that they collapsed. Oreo opened his door to find the electrons lying on his doorstep and he invited them in. When he did this, he and the electrons combined to form water (the product of

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