Chaebol Culture Case Study

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Chaebol culture
A Chaebol is a South Korean business conglomerate that is owned by a single family. During the 1960s, South Korea was faced an arduous task of restoring the normal life and reinvigorating the industries. In order to reach the rapid industrialization by promoting large businesses, the Chaebols were able to be guaranteed loans from the banking sector due to the policies of president Park Chung Hee.
From 1960s to 1990s, from basic commodities industry to high precision manufacturing industry, the cooperation between government and the Chaebols was essential to the subsequent economic growth and later achieved the world know “Miracle on the Han River”.
Even though the Chaebols system had an enormous contribution to the rapid growth and led South Korea to the international stage, the Chaebol also brought many negative impacts on the Korean economy. In the
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Tourists can utilize online order in MacDonald, KFC and other fast-food chain. Upon ordering, the restaurant that is nearest to your accommodation will begin to prepare the order. Thereafter, in 30 minutes, you would expect to receive the meal. Regardless of your location, you would be located via internet and delivery would be processed. The delivery services in South Korea also provide menus in many different languages for visitors. This services covered the entire area of South Korea.
City Tour
In South Korea, the city tour bus provides for a very convenient transportation option. This bus would transport and introduce you to the main historical and cultural attractions; while providing options to choose to go on different routes. It had often been described as a convenient and comfortable "dynamic travel guide". These buses are equipped with headphones which plays multi-languages pre-recorded information of ancient palace and cultural attractions. Another one is open the budget airlines to near

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