Bonnie And Clyde Essay

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NARRATIVE “Bonnie and Clyde” narrates the story of Bonnie and Clyde who were wanted criminals at their time. The story began by showing how Bonnie met Clyde who just came out of prison and was loitering around her front yard. They were both portrayed as innocent but adventurous young adults who were bored of the mechanical life they were living. Bonnie got excited when she found out that Clyde was an ex-convict and possessed a shot gun. While Clyde on the other hand showed that he was not dangerous when he questioned about the man who attacked him during one of his robbery stating that he meant no harm to them even though he was holding a gun. They turned dangerous when things started to get out of control and they had to protect themselves. …show more content…

They started their illegal activities by starting from small robberies. Bonnie and Clyde who was young and ambitious, end up with committing a lot of various illegal activities. Bonnie and Clyde ended their life as evil robbers by getting gunshot by a police officer back in that time. Bonnie and Clyde was one of the earliest movie that published during the New Hollywood which was introduced in late 1970s. Bonnie and Clyde movie managed to reach the goal to become one of the superlative movie during that period of time. Even till today, the Bonnie and Clyde movie’s ending is told to be one of the incomparable ending ever in film history. The newborn film movement ‘New Hollywood’ still was struggling with censorship board. Arthur Penn, the director of Bonnie and Clyde proves to the world that they can produce a film which contains a lot of violence and sex scenes. The director who is a fresh university graduates from a film academy, managed to fight with some film associations and succeeded in publishing the film and get attraction from the audience after defending the film associations. During that period, Bonnie and Clyde movie contributed some good reviews from local newspapers and eventually Bonnie and Clyde movie become one of the finest movie during that film movement. In the nutshell, New Hollywood advancement, cause the director to be courageous to make the film to become matchless film with any other film as the success in Bonnie and Clyde

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