Charles Murray's Article Are Too Many People Going To College?

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In Charles Murray’s article, “Are Too Many People Going to College?”. he seeks to enlighten younger generations and administrators on a socially unacceptable future- not attending higher schooling after high school. He establishes insight through use of examples and statistics throughout his writing. However, he tends to repeatedly violates literary maxims that lead to his writing getting distracted from the main point or leading the reader to become confused by his use of terms. Through his many successes and obstacles, he still manages to create a new perspective on not going to college, making it just as wise of a decision as going to college depending on the career path and scholarly education a student accumulated in prior schooling. In addition to this modern philosophy, he mends a potential gap of knowledge between college students and students that follow another route. He proposes that a liberal education, a style that can only be given in college, should be given in primary education, giving a sense of equality between grade levels from primary to secondary schooling. As an effect, the stress of needing a degree diminishes and respect for people with or without one becomes indistinguishable. Murray stresses the importance to the …show more content…

He was very considerate is expressing how it is okay to not chase after a college degree at the highest level of education possible. He expressed his opinion that as long as the average American gets a basic education and a basic knowledge and some education in the field they want to pursue a career in, that they should be successful. Although he tended to violate some maxims, his viewpoint came across to the audience as very intellectual nd comprehensive. Murray mended the gap between college students and those whose plan was to follow another

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