Cheerleading Argumentative Essay

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Madelyn Elizondo
Mrs. Price
ELA 5/6: Argumentative Essay
22 February 2023

Cheer is a Sport
Is cheer a sport? Many people say that cheer is not a sport just because they don't do it, when it is actually a lot harder than most sports. Cheerleading should definitely be considered a sport because it requires physical exertion and competition.
A high level of physical exertion and skill is involved in cheerleading. According to Emily Hayden from the BFA mercury, "A sport is an activity involving Physical exertion and skill..." (Hayden) Cheerleading fits all of the qualifications to be a sport. The Delphi website states that "cheerleading takes just as much, if not so much more, physical and mental strength as most other sports." (“The Delphi | Why …show more content…

The definition of sport is "and activity involving physical exertion and skill in which and individual or team competes against another or others in entertainment". Cheer teams go to multiple competitions, including nationals, which most teams work towards almost all year. At nationals, all of the teams are competing for the top spot. Although it is judged in a different way, it should still be considered a sport.
Many claim that cheer is not a sport because it was a group originally created to support other sports teams.. However, cheerleading has evolved into its own sport with its own style of movement with high physical expectations. Beyond that, cheerleaders are judged and given points at competitions just like Olympic sports, such as weight lifters, skiers, figure skaters, gymnastics, archers, divers, equestrians and many more.
Cheerleading is competitive and involves physical exertion and skill. They are trying to score the most points they can in the time that is given, just like many other sports. Cheerleading is very similar to other sports and meets all of the qualifications. Therefore, cheerleading should be considered a

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