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To what extent were the Chesapeake colonies different from the New England colonies?

The New England and Chesapeake colonies were very different even though they endured similar hardships. The new colonies struggled to adapt to climate, control their citizens, and survive in the New World. New England had a large Puritan presence, while the Chesapeake colonies were more focused on establishing a community and economy. The differences between the two are mostly shown in their values and ways of life. While New England showed strict religious mannerisms, the Chesapeake focused on freedom and building a strong, united community that was functional instead of satisfactory to God’s will.

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Document A is a painting of Landing Negroes at Jamestown from Dutch Man-of-War, 1619. The New World’s need for labor was fulfilled with indentured servants, brought from Europe, and African slaves, brought by the millions to the Americas. The painting shows the ship and the order of these landings. Document A gives the audience the ability to see the way that slavery came to be in and impacted the Americas. Document C gives statistics on the amount of people forced to migrate and work in the Americas. Virginia, having the largest African population, had a total of about 67,000 people, just over 15,000 of those being of African descent. In comparison, Massachusetts had the lowest, compared to their full population. With a total population of just over 55,000, less than 5,000 were of African descent. Most slaves were treated brutally and given practically no rights. The need for labor and having it be free, was critical in the colonies at this time. Document J describes how people of other religions, and thought to be participating in witchcraft should be to death. Many government documents did not include any words on the slave populations, leaving punishments up to their owners. The surveillance of these actions are practically unheard of because slaves were thought of as property.

The Chesapeake and New England colonies were very different based on goals and ethics but the people faced many of the same hardships. Chesapeake people were focused on economic growth and freedom from England, while the New English colonies were focused on strict religion based living. The vulnerability of the New World greatly impacted both groups but the goals in which they set, shaped the colonies from the

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