Child Development Observation Essay

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LACC Child Development Center Observation

1. Describe the setting of the CDC experience

CDC is located on the opposite side of CHLA and the room is secured by three security doors. It is sufficiently provide a safe and secure environment with quality of cares. Children in the center are divided by age group of infant, toddler, and preschooler. Playgrounds are provided in the back of the center to meet children’s activity level. The playground has divided into three different areas as well for toddlers and preschoolers. After noon, every child goes to nap. They have own schedule

2. Describe the CDC experience observed.

The purpose of CDC experience is to overview the normal child development. Different developmental stage observed. Toddlers are curious, motivated learner. They learn how to work themselves. …show more content…

They are full of energy able to read some words, count, and be able to carry on conversation. Friends become important and able to name their best friend. They are able to follow directions; most of them can dress and undress themselves, and most are potty trained with scheduled potty timeline. Associative and cooperative play observed during activity time

3. Identify the areas of growth and development observed
Toddler's sense of autonomy and independence is shown by feeding themselves, and saying no to every questions asked to do something such as clean up the blocks and pick up the toy from the ground. Objective permanence is observed when children actively searching for a ball when it is hidden between blocks.
Preschooler's sense of initiative is shown by their interest in initiating actives. They are come up to staff member to initiate activity with new idea. They act in a better way with full attention when pleased by Teacher which is highly related with Kohlberg's theory of preconventional stage. They act and decisions are based on the desire to please others.

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