Chinese American Culture

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The United States population continues to grow and changes and individuals from different backgrounds move here. In the next several years we will see an increases in certain populations. We are starting to see a change in our patient population as individuals from different populations are seeking medical assistance. The Chinese American culture is one that is continuing to gown in here in the US. For this weeks post I will discuss the Chinese American culture and the culture impacts on caring for them. I will also review the case study in completing this post.
Communication in any patient interaction is the foundation for being able to successfully care for our patients. When faced with caring for a patient from a different culture …show more content…

Family plays a crucial role in caring for each of its members. Having them be active in the care will not only benefit the patient but the family as well. As healthcare workers we need to assess how illnesses not only affect the patient but the family itself (Zhang, Wei, Zhang, & Shen 2014). Seeking Western medical assistance may be a last resort and it can be a time that is stressful for the family as a whole. When looking to care for the patient we need to support the patient and the family during the time to alleviate the stress. Having open conversations involving the family can maximize the outcomes and benefit the patient (Lim, …show more content…

This patient has many factors that are affecting her from properly managing her condition. To begin with she has not been properly educated on her condition and how to effectively mange it. In order for her to have the proper education we would need to bring in an interpreter so we can communicate effectively with this patient. Fostering a environment that makes the patient feel safe and comfortable will facilitate the educational process. If we can build a rapport with this patient we may be able to have her become more complainant with her plan of care. We would need to assess her understanding of her illness and ways he can help her improve. For her we could also bring in pamphlets to help her in her learning process. We all have different methods of learning and this can help increase her understanding. With family being such importance in this culture she could be scared since she does not have any family. Addressing this by having social work or home health come out is a way to ensure that we support our patient. Looking at the patient as a whole can assist us in addressing all of her

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