James B. Twitchell's 20 Ads That Shook The World

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According to James B. Twitchell’s, “20 Ads that Shook the World,” advertisers will situate their campaign around special events like the Super Bowl or holidays like Easter. This grants companies the opportunity to market their products, increase revenue, and target their audience’s imagination. Anthropologists would refer to this strategy as syncretism, or “…the merging… of two or more categories in a specified environment into one…” (Dictionary.com 1). With a decrease in sales during the winter months, Coca-Cola created the Santa Claus that we still know and love today, and is recognized as one of the most groundbreaking advertisements that changed the world. In 1822, Clement Clark Moore was the first person to establish the idea of Santa Claus when he wrote his daughters a poem called “The Night Before Christmas.” Moore depicted Santa to look an elf-like …show more content…

He was crafted onto Hallmark cards and also was the Santa that was seen in The Santa Claus with Tim Allen and the Miracle on 34th Street. Similarly, people dress up in costume as this form of Santa in department stores, and he even became a representative for the Salvation Army. Additionally, Gene Autry sang “Here Comes Santa Claus” which also later sparked the production of reindeers into the Christmas scene too. In conclusion, Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus basically preserved and shaped the image of Christmas that still exists today. This advertisement complimented the brand because it is the type of campaign that can be slightly modified, but still be used each year during the holiday season. Likewise, with the help of these advertisements being displayed every year, consumers will make the nostalgic connection between the joy of Christmas time, the importance of giving, and the happiness that Coke can bring to anyone of any

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