Cohesion In Teamwork

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THE IMPACT OF TEAM COHESION ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Team cohesion and team work create an environment that allows the collective knowledge, resources and skills of each team member to flourish, according to new product Development solutions especially in Pakistan. Cohesion is an act executed by an organization, company or group of people to reach a common goal, which typically takes place on a larger scale than teamwork. Effective Cohesion and teamwork require communication technology, definition of responsibilities and an encouraging culture(Kim et al., 2010). Teamwork and cohesion are most effective when team members are expressive and open to positive competition. A professional sports team that wins…show more content…
Organizations, those follow the teamwork environment is responsible to manage teams in an efficient and effective manner and must have understanding with respect to each aspect by which the productivity can be increased. It’s not easy to manage teams or get the best output from teams in a simple way. This research focuses towards the investigation of team performance in manufacturing industry. The competition in this industry is becoming stiffer day by day. Each company is facing challenges to provide good services. Team work is needed by the manufacturing companies to cope up with all the new challenges, changing buyers need and technological advancement. So it becomes very important for management as well as team leaders to understand all of the aspects of team which can influence the overall performance and how to manage those aspects that can bring effectiveness in the output of the team. One of the major aspects of team performance is the cohesion and this study will highlight that how important the cohesion is among team members and how to get best by collaborating with each other. 1.3 Purpose of the…show more content…
The research will analyze the impact of cohesion of employees on the overall performance of the team. The main purposes of this study are as follows. • To analyze the impact of team cohesion on overall performance of the team. • To determine the importance of cohesion among employees to the team performance. • To determine whether positive relationship exists between team cohesion and team

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