Collaborative Leadership In Healthcare

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In order to be a strong leader one must understand the role leaders play as well identify different traits that resemble leadership qualities within themselves. The article I reviewed was Leadership of Healthcare Professionals: Where do we stand? and it describes the different types of leadership approaches and theories that can be effective within the healthcare setting. The main objective for a leader is to adapt to change as well as be able to cope with change. Leaders are known to have strong influential skills that can affect their team or the environment that they work in. Healthcare systems are composed of numerous professional groups, departments, and specialties with complex interactions between these groups. Large organizations such as healthcare systems and the different groups within the healthcare system with common goals might support or be in competition with each other.

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This approach allows individuals to work together to better communicate amongst one another while also allowing these individuals to make their own informed decisions. This particular form of leadership can enhance healthcare management as well. Supportive dialogue between several stakeholders, sharing different experiences; and reducing complex situations within the healthcare system are all factors of collaborative leadership. Individuals with leadership authority need to be able to engage with the leadership process so that they are continuously involved in ratifying and altering practices the best way they see fit. Collaborative healthcare leadership requires an interdependent environment where different groups and organizations work together for an effective process. In order to raise motivation within the organization leaders need to demonstrate collaborative behaviors amongst healthcare

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