College Admissions Essay: A Place That Changed My Life

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I was born in Cochin, a city in Kerala and just when I turned 2 months old, I went to Dubai with my mom and elder sister to stay with my dad. So I wasn 't born in Dubai but I had spent the last 20 years of my life in that country. I had witnessed Dubai growing through the years and Dubai had also helped me to become the individual that I am today. Dubai had started with very few resources and more of desert regions which made it very difficult to make a living. In a place where development is very hard to achieve, Dubai has overcome all its obstacles to be ranked one of the best cities in the world. This country has given me a lot of friends from various nationalities and helped me to communicate in different languages. I had shifted to different places in Dubai where I had the chance to meet a lot of people and to learn about their culture and diversity. Dubai, the land of dreams, has shown me how to accomplish my dreams and also to dream higher. Football is my favourite sport and I had become passionate for this game because of my friends in my neighbourhood. I had …show more content…

Being brought in a country with such strict rules, I have learned to follow them and it has made my life easier by doing so. When I had moved to India, I have noticed how ignorant the people are towards following certain rules and how that causes disharmony in the city. I then realised how Dubai has brought me up to become an obedient law abiding citizen. Dubai has shown me that even if all the odds are against us there is always hope for achieving our goals and we must work hard to make it possible. I have been inspired by the achievements Dubai has accomplished over the years and it helped me gain the ability of hardworking. This city has shown me if one is dedicated and honest in what he does he will be rewarded for his

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