College Admissions Essay: Disappointment And Success

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Disappointment can come with your biggest success or legacy. As for me it had to come at the wrong time. I am a true dedicated wrestler and have great vibes when it comes to the mat. I have had my biggest upsets and my achievements, and to be in that situation is unbearable. My junior year I was ranked no.2 all year, and for that it gave me pride to do my best and outwork everybody. One little thing can set you back a long ways. As for me I broke my hand doing what I love. The time I had to sit out and watch my teammates was way too long and to watch made me upset and down to not be able to do what I love. As time went on things slowly became stronger and better, and before long it was time to get back onto the mat. Conditioning was a plus to me …show more content…

And I took that into effect throughout the whole state tournament and ended up making the state finals. Only 18 guys make the finals and there will only be 9 crowned state champions. I just didn 't want to make it to the finals I wanted to test my boundaries and win. The opposing opponent that I had in the finals, beat me a week prior 5-4, and him seeking to get another W again. But this time I did not let that happen, it was 3-3 going into overtime and the first wrestler to get a takedown wins. Only 8 seconds into overtime I took the most important shot that sent him soaring and crashing back to the ground. Winning is the best feeling in the world and no one can take that from you. The school has a state champions wall and only the ones who won state got to be up there. And I was one of them, still today I look at the picture and think to myself on how did I manage to accomplish something so serious while having a broken hand and being out a third of the season? The answer is mindset and determination, something you want so bad you can go for and achieve. Do not let a broken hand or anything like that get to you, you can still perform the best even if something has gone

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