College Admissions Essay: Patriotism During World War II

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"Not a step back! Order No. 227 issued on July 28, 1942, issued by Joseph Stalin" blared the announcer on the television set as the Russian army charged towards the heart of the Reich. Patriotism on all fronts was strong and alive during the Second World War. However, in modern society, patriotism is no longer exercised consistently as it once was, the last notable signs of patriotism dissipated after the fall of the USSR. During the height of the Second World War, the Red Army was willing to sacrifice anything to attain justice for the damage that was inflicted upon their homeland. Their display of such a powerful belief caught my attention and reminded me of my family lineage that has responded to America 's call of duty time and time again;…show more content…
My finical standing plummeted to nearly nonexistent during those years; my change in social stance presented me with the opportunity to diminish my pride and neutralize my cultural ignorance. It felt as if I spent a lifetime adjusting, becoming accepting of other races and foreign languages. Prayer with the local churches and moral guidance from liberal literature provided me with a new outlook on the world and how to approach different views and opinions in a more sensible and tactful manner. As I gained a passive and accepting outlook on life and foreign affairs, the matter of taking another human beings life in the heat of battle still remained. This is not a fanatic obsession, but as something I am willing to do if my country calls upon me to do so. The merits of war were drastically outweighed after I witnessed the slow death of my grandfather firsthand from Alzheimer’s. I declared to my family shortly after, "there is enough death in this world; I will do my best to become a man that can heal and improve the lives and health of

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