Why I Chose To Go To College Essay

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They say some people are destined for greatness, and there 's no escaping destiny. But often, those who are chosen to be great have no idea. Through trials and tribulations, they find their way. There are many experiences that have motivated my change, it took me a long time to realize I had to do better not only for me but for my family. Backbone was a big part of why I decided to go to college, it opened my eyes to so much, broadened my way of thinking. Backbone helped me recognize that the life I wanted to live could not be associated with a life of crime, it looks great in movies but life isn 't a movie. I researched for a while until Mrs. Beiler, the psychiatrist/counselor at backbone who is absolutely delightful, gave me a pamphlet on Orthodontics. Mrs. Beiler is an older woman, though you 'd never know it. She 's only about five feet even, and she has the brightest blue eyes you 'll ever see. She would say "You should fix peoples smiles, since you have such a pretty one yourself!" She and Mrs. Duckworth, the greatest nurse on earth, often called me smiley. They encouraged me to enter the college program, …show more content…

I decided to come to college not only for me but for my family. My family is my greatest motivation. My determination and curiosity is going to help me immensely in achieving my goals. I will overcome any obstacle put in my way because I will not give up when things get complicated. I believe others will want a meaningful relationship with me in the future now that I am becoming a better me, I hope to positively influence my little brother and cousins so they do not go down the same path that I did. Im hopeful that me graduating college and becoming an orthodontist will inspire anybody that is looking up to me to take this same path of furthering their education and getting into a career they love, and not start out adulthood the same way I

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