Company Overview: Tim Horton Finding The Right Market

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Tim Horton Finding the Right Market India, Turkey and North Cyprus
Okeke Hycient Chidozie
MKT 8030
Carole Terentiak
January 25, 2015 Introduction
Tim Horton, Tim Horton is Canada’s largest café restaurant franchise and it is located in almost every territory in Canada. Tim Horton’s now has 4,485 restaurants, including 3,588 in Canada, 859 in the United States and 38 in the Gulf Cooperation Council, which it entered in 2011 (Shaw, 2015). Tim Horton is a legacy company which was founded by Miles Gilbert an ice hockey legend. Tim Horton is well known for its spending coffee and amazing rich donuts.
Target market
My target markets are college and university student between the age 18-25, and Office workers from age 26-35. These markets …show more content…

Turkey has a large and rapidly growing consumer market according to a survey conducted and with a population constituting the market for branded consumer goods. “Thus, it can be suggested that demand for global brands has high potential to increase” (Ural & Kucukaslan, 2011). Consumer’s attitudes toward the global brands are vastly influenced by Travel (Ural & Kucukaslan, 2011), “5% of the nation’s total population living are outside of Turkey” (İçduygu, Göker, Tokuzlu & Elitok, 2013). “Materialism is a unique factor affecting consumer attitude toward global brands for all products categories” (Ural & Kucukaslan, 2011). “For Turkish consumers, fast food restaurants are not only an efficient and economic eating environment but also as an exotic place for social interaction and entertainment” (Akbay, Tiryaki & Gul, 2007). “Many Turkish adolescents are becoming increasingly more westernized and have greater convenience when they eat out” (Akbay, Tiryaki & Gul, …show more content…

India would be my desired market because they have they are highly brand conscious, have a tremendous market size, materialistic nature, high trend starters and seekers and a very high nonalcoholic and coffee culture. Secondly I ranked Turkey second because it has a fairly high market size, although it has a high brand conscious and high literate level and materialistic population it just falls a little bit shy behind India in the total ranking. Thirdly was North Cyprus on starting my research I wanted to take my product to north Cyprus because of my personal attraction having spent two years there and knowing how much of a coffee culture they had but my research showed that they had a small market size and is the lowest in my total

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