Comparing Grace And Jo-Anne In 'The Slip-Over Sweater'

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I have chosen topic 3. Compare and contrast Grace and Jo-Anne. In the short story “The Slip-over Sweater” by Jesse Stuart, the main character Shan is also the narrator. That means we see everything through his eyes, including the two most important girls in his life, Grace and Jo-Anne. Shan reveals he used to be in love with Grace when they were younger. It turns out that, by the end of the story, he falls back in love with her. Grace is described as a beautiful, strong girl. Similarly to Shan, she has a connection with nature, especially the mountain close to their school. No wonder Shan uses the mountain when describing her qualities: "And I knew she had the durability and the toughness of a storm-battered mountain oak." "Grace was as beautiful as our mountain was in April, prettier than a blossom of wild phlox or a mountain daisy." …show more content…

She goes out of her way to help Shan pay the debt he made because of Jo-Anne. She is observant, attentive, which allows her to read Shan easily and to ready herself to help him. Jo-Anne is Grace’s opposite. That does not mean she is not a good person. She has a different background and upbringing, a different personality as well. She does not see the world or people the way Grace does. She likes Shan for reasons that are more superficial. Jo-Anne finds him handsome, which is why she thinks he should get the sweater. Jo-Anne finds him fun, which is why she spends time with him. Unlike Grace, who has a type of peculiar beauty, Jo-Anne is the obviously pretty girl. "I loved everybody, but I worshiped Jo-Anned

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