Conversation Between The Victim And Inside Of A Hotel Room

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INTRODUCTION: The suspect was arguing with the victim while inside of a hotel room. The suspect forcefully punched the victim’s right eye, right cheek and right eye, which caused visible injuries. The victim and suspect are currently in a dating relationship for the past year and have lived together in the past. LOCATION DESRIPTION: This incident occurred at the Wonder Inn in room #110. INJURIES: Victim Yanira Torres • Sustained a swollen right eye. • Sustained two quarter sized bruises on the upper left leg. • Sustained bruising and an approximate one inch cut to right upper eye. • Sustained swelling behind right ear. • Sustained several abrasion/swelling to right cheek. Suspect Erick Torres • Unknown EVIDENCE: • Photos of …show more content…

Upon my arrival, I met with Victim Yanira Torres in HMH emergency room #48. Torres appeared to be upset and appeared to have been crying. Torres told me the following information in summary: Torres and Suspect Rodriguez have been in a dating relationship for approximately one year and have live with one another in the past. They do not have any children with one another. On 05-01-17 at approximately 0300 hours Torres and Rodriguez were staying at the Wonder Inn located at 2855 E. Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. While inside of the room, Rodriguez asked Torres to rent him a vehicle. Torres told Rodriguez she couldn’t afford to rent a vehicle. Rodriguez became upset with Torres and reportedly yelled, “You can’t make a decision! Shut the fuck up!” Rodriguez then used his right fist and punched Torres in her right eye and right upper cheek. Torres lost her balance and fell onto her knees as a result of Rodriguez assaulting her. While on the floor, Rodriguez punched Torres twice in the back of her head. Torres curled up into a fetal position and used her hands to cover her head, in order to protect herself from Rodriguez assaulting her. Torres repeatedly asked Rodriguez to stop hitting her. Rodriguez yelled, “Shut the fuck …show more content…

Rodriguez sat down onto the bed and yelled, “You bring out the bad side of me, you should not have done what you done, you don’t know what I am capable of!” Torres saw that Rodriguez began taking her pain medication. Rodriguez turned to Torres and forcefully began shoving the pain medication into her mouth. Rodriguez gave Torres a cup of water and told her to swallow the pills. Fearing that Rodriguez would again continue to assault her, she swallowed the pills. Rodriguez calmed down and began apologizing to Torres for hitting her. Rodriguez stated, “Look at what you made me do.” Rodriguez suggested that Torres shoot up crystal methamphetamine in order for her to fall asleep. Torres told Rodriguez she hasn’t used methamphetamine for approximately four years and didn’t want to start using again. Rodriguez was again becoming upset with Torres and stated, “You know that you miss it.” Torres feared Rodriguez would again assault her, so she complied and allowed him to place a rubber strap around her left arm. Rodriguez then used a syringe and injected Torres with what she believed to be methamphetamine. Afterwards, Rodriguez laid down on the bed and fell asleep. Torres walked into the bathroom to check her right eye, which was now

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