Counter Terrorism

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1.2 Counter-Terrorism, its History, Strategies and Effects.
Counter terrorism has been a strategy that has existed for centuries, is used in combating terrorism. In the 1880’s the Irish Fenians escalated terror campaigns in Britain. This prompted the home secretary, Sir William Harcourt to establish the first counter terrorism unit ever. The counter terrorism unit was named the special Irish branch and was initially formed as a section of the criminal investigation department of the London Metropolitan Police in 1883.Its main counter terrorism strategies was infiltration and subversion. (7)
The Vision for this counter terrorism unit was to fight terrorism, especially politically motivated violence with the use of modern techniques such
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The need to combat terrorism here in Nigeria has resulted in the development and emergence of many counter-terrorism strategies. Which are aimed at addressing the root causes and combating the ongoing onslaught of violence by the existing terrorist combatants. The main strategy that are needed in the fight against terrorism, in its uniqueness to Nigeria are social economic development, capacity building for security forces, criminal justice system reforms, international support, combination of military power with soft power, interagency cooperation and also cross border control and policing. These strategies encompass solutions to all the known causes and reasons for domestic terrorism here in Nigeria. If well-articulated, this strategy can offer a long lasting solution to the violence of terrorism and the grudges held by the perpetuators of terrorism in Nigeria. (Col…show more content…
This perspective will therefore be shedding more light on the Nigerian dimension between the years of 1999-2015. In this study we are going to try to understand counter terrorism and regional integration, in Nigeria’s experience. We will examine how these two aspects which are in the fore front of the fight against terrorism and how both function symbiotically. Most importantly we will analyze how these two aspects if properly harnessed can eliminate terrorism in the West African region and inevitably Nigeria. The reason for this study is due to the present prevalence of terrorism in Nigeria and its neighboring region, its impact on our society and the need to proffer a solution to

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