Case Study: Crate And Barrel

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Crate and Barrel Canada Crate and Barrel is a foremost retailer of home decor and furniture for over 50 years, Crate & Barrel sells some exotic products like ottomans, office chairs, and filing cabinets along with items with daily ease and practicality, Crate & Barrel has got a stock of supplies for feasting and entertaining, like lasagna pans and martini glasses. The retailer 's artisans even put their unique stamps on outdoor furniture with more than 10 collections, which customers can buy online. After all of this successful growth in the last 50 years since its foundation the original strength of the first Crate and Barrel store is always there. Crate and Barrel is better known as a store where the staff is warm, gracious and well-informed.…show more content…
The founders Gordon and Carole Segal then were returned from their honeymoon in Europe where they had been astounded by all of the uncomplicated, well-designed and reasonably priced products they had buy for their home back in Chicago. They were amazed by stuffs like beautiful handmade glassware, handy but very good dinnerware and gorgeous ceramic serving pieces. They realized that no store in the Midwest had these astonishing, reasonably priced products for people who cannot afford expensive stuff. So being young risk-takers and zealous about all they had seen, they set out to commence selling this exhilarating idea to Chicago. At present, Crate and Barrel is a privately held company owned by the Otto Group of Hamburg, Germany, the second biggest online retailer globally. Its relationship with the Otto Group, which started in 1998, has improved its victorious expansion in all…show more content…
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