Criminal Justice In America Essay

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Criminal justice plays a big part in America 's history from drug cartels to murder cases. But several things have changed throughout times, as politics change through times so do laws. The early American Experience talks about the frontier, policing America 's earliest cities, and the prohibition era. In the last half of the twentieth century America quickly changed this changed the legal and social environment. Later on in the 1960s evidence- based policing became popular to help solve crimes faster.
As time goes on things begin to change and they begin to become more modern.”The rise of the police as an organizing force in the Western world coincided with the evolution of strong centralized governments”(Schmalleger 137). The American …show more content…

The early American experience consisted of the frontier,policing America’s earliest cities, and prohibition. What the early American experience was when the first American colonies became very dependent on modifying their ways such as different versions of the night watch.”One of the major factors determining the development of American law enforcement was the frontier,...”(Schmalleger 139). The frontier was the part of the back woods and one of the most famous outlaw is Henry Berry Lowery he lead a gang throughout the frontier known as the “Lowerys”. After the days of the frontier where over then came along to the police force in America’s early cities. Before law enforcement became a big part of larger cities in the United states back in 1685 they only had small organized law enforcement in the larger cities, but as time changes law enforcement modifies. One of the most famous times is the prohibition era in the 1920s when alcohol became band in the United States to help reduce crime rates until in 1933 when prohibition was repealed. During prohibition mafias and gangs would sneak in alcohol illegally and try to sell to people breaking the prohibition. One of the most famous people from this time was Al Capone was a famous gangster from the 1920s who would supply alcohol during prohibition. These were all factors in the American experience from the days of the frontier to the famous prohibition

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