Identify And Justify The Criteria, Characteristics, And Skills Used For Selection?

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Describe and justify the criteria, characteristics, and skills used for selection.
The method for sorting the most appropriate resumes will be to match their skills and knowledge to the essential and desirable criteria. Firstly, their qualifications, qualities, then previous work experience (Jaimy, 2013). The qualifications are the most important factor as, if applicants do not even know the basics they will have a difficult time working in the organization. Next, will be their personality traits such as leadership qualities, ability to work in groups and in teams, communication skills, commitment, disciplined, and a positive attitude. Work experience is not essential as SCST is dealing with new technology and training will be provided.
The process of selection starts by picking out applicants that have the appropriate qualification, skills, and abilities. Techniques used to evaluate the applicants will be through interviews, tests, assessment tools, background checks, and physical examination (Human Resource Management, 2010). An appropriate process will be to filter out candidates with a technical degree, then reduce the pile by eliminating those with
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Some of them are, unstructured, structured, behavioural, and structured behavioural interviews. Unstructured interview asks different questions for each applicant. Structured interviews are straightforward and standardized. Behavioural method studies the past actions of applicants to predict how they would react in similar situations. The proposed method for SCST will be the structured behavioural method (Personnel Selection: Methods: Interviews, 2015). This allows the interviewers to conduct a fair interview and understand the candidate’s behaviour. This is best suited for SCST as it provides insight on the candidate’s skills such as teamwork, initiative, leadership, problem solving, stress management, work ethics and will help differentiate which applicant to

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