Culturally Responsive Teachers

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According to Angelina Castagno ethnic studies professor at Northern Arizona University states, “Most teacher preparation programs focus on content/subject-matter knowledge, as well as procedural knowledge about how to manage one’s classroom and curricula”. Beginning teachers start off with just trying to command and manage their classroom than after that they begin teaching the content of their instruction. If you were to have a teacher preparation program just focusing on integrating the Dine culture and language your students would thrive better in the content knowledge. Should teacher preparation programs teach the pre-service teachers how to be culturally responsive teachers in Native schools? First of all, the article states that if …show more content…

Also implementing Dine culture and language into common core would help our community. For example some American Indian and Alaska Natives have started programs for highly qualified culturally responsive Indigenous teachers. As pre-service teachers we face certain challenges in rural Native schools due to schools not performing academically and changing midway into the semester. Another challenge Castagno states, “teacher preparation is largely controlled and facilitated by mainstream, predominantly White Universities that are set up to convey what is believed to be a sort of universally-applicable education”. From that the teacher’s coursework doesn’t relate to being culturally responsive. One way to help solve some of these problems was through the help of the Navajo Sovereignty in Education act of 2005 says the Navajo language is very important to the life, culture, and identity of the Navajo people. The pre-service teacher needs to know about the cultures and language, actually shown how to implement sovereignty and self-determination into their culturally responsive classrooms. Second of all, I do agree that teacher preparation programs should prepare pre-service teachers to be more culturally responsive.

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