Customer Experience: An Organizational Skill

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Customer Experience: An Organizational Skill
With time, the global business paradigm is changing fast and so is changing the way business is conducted. For example, a few years ago, business houses used to consider product quality, competitive price, and customer service the essential trios for customer retention. However, over the years, customer experience has joined the list. Indeed, in today’s time, customer experience is increasingly being touted by modern marketers across industries.
Before we go into further details, we need to know what exactly ‘customer experience’ is. An article published in the Harvard Business Review has described ‘customer experience’ as a customer’s throughout journey with a company/service provider. However,
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The answer is simple. If an organization is able to deliver its customer a unique experience, it will ultimately result in an increase in the consumer’s spending with the particular organization, thereby enabling the organization to earn the customer’s loyalty to its product/service. Famous editor, Jessica Sebor, therefore said, “Loyalty is now driven primarily by a company's interaction with its customers and how well it delivers on their wants and needs."
The Latest Trends in Customer Experience
With the advancement of modern technologies, the rising popularity of social media and the growing competition for market share, most of the companies are now exploring different ways to communicate better with their customers and add more value to their relationship.
Interestingly, in one of its reports, Gartner revealed that a staggering 89% of organizations participated in its survey has revealed that they would compete based on customer experience by 2016. The number was 36% in 2014 and 58% in 2015. This reveals how organizations across the world are gearing up to excel in offering unmatched customer
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Although both the things are related to each other, they are not the same things. Customer service is just a part of the entire equation of customer experience. To put in a nutshell, customer service refers to the process of helping customers fulfill their needs. On the other hand, customer experience refers to your customer’s perception of your organization, their interactions with your employees and their recollection of the whole process of interacting with your organization—right from the beginning to end. Therefore, it is easily understood that customer service helps in enriching customer experience but it cannot define the entire customer experience.
Process orientation determining customer experience
It’s true that process orientation helps in determining customer experience. If a company assess its process from a customer viewpoint, it will result in an increase in its ability to enhance customer value. Further, it will enable the company to increase its competitiveness and satisfy their customers better.
On the other hand, with the mapping of processes, companies will be better able to reduce their non-value-adding activities and increase various value-adding activities, which will ultimately ensure better customer

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