David Sztybel's Treatment Of Animals Compared To The Holocaust

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Unfortunately Alive
Millions of innocent people died in the many years Holocaust of 1933. In 2016, millions of innocent animals die every day during mass slaughter and experimentation as David Sztybel said in "Can the Treatment of Animals be Compared to the Holocaust?". Animals have been treated cruelly ever since the Ancient Greeks and Romans viewed them solely as possessions, but the first humane society against animal cruelty was founded in 1824(animal rights). Soon after, the start of animal testing began and said societies had to intervene. However, their attempts weren 't as successful as they had hoped because animal rights are still being fought for today. Animals are living things and should not be tested on as an object or inhumanely killed as a source of food.
According to HFA’s Campaign to Stop Slaughterhouse Abuse, in slaughterhouses, animals are put on conveyer belts to speed up the butchering process. The farmers take into consideration not the well being of the animals, but only the efficiency of how many can be killed in a day. Pigs are dumped into boiling water so if they don 't burn, they drown. Chickens are put through …show more content…

Research done on animals has caused medical leaps in discovering information about medicine, biology, and psychology. Testing on animals can inform people on the effects of environmental dangers such as pollution or radiation. The animals that are tested on usually have similar inner anatomy as humans but are different in some aspects, which can vary the results of testing. This makes the results useless and the animal then dies for nothing(animal rights). Many people may think the food they eat are killed humanely. For some animals this is the case, but not all meat distributers follow the rules of the Department of Agriculture. More importantly, birds do not apply to the law that states animals must not be able to feel pain when being killed. They can be paralyzed and drowned while still conscious(Cruel Slaughterhouse

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