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I always like to start my writing process with a pen and paper. I write down my main points or ideas so that I know where to start and what to write about. Writing down the points on paper allows me to organize my thoughts and focus on what I am writing.

Once I am finished writing my points on paper is when I start to write. I always try to start and finish my paper during the same sitting. I find it easier to write when I write everything at once as my words and paragraphs tend to flow and writing just seems easier. When I write assignments or essays over a few days, I am still able to write them its just that the points do not flow as easily, when I get into the groove of writing it just comes to me naturally and I do not have to think as …show more content…

When I am writing my paper I don’t tend to check for grammar or whether my sentence structure makes sense I just try to jot down my ideas. It is only when I revise my papers is when I realize my mistakes and correct my grammatical errors or sentence errors. I only realized this when I submitted a paper without revising and this was when I found out how crucial a step like revising is when you want to write a good paper.

I don’t always enjoy writing it depends on what I am writing about. If I am being honest a topic like this where I have to write about my writing process, does not excite me. For me it’s all about my interest in a topic if I have a lot of opinions about it I love writing about it, something which I have no opinions about would bore me to write about it.

I always try to discuss my ideas with others it’s a great way to figure out whether what you’re saying is clear and understandable by an audience. The whole point of writing isn’t for you to understand what you’re trying to say it is to try and get your point across to others. I always try and get someone to revise or check my writing once I have finished as well to see if they can spot a mistake, which I couldn’t, and to get their opinion on my

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