Describe Two Types Of Challenging Behaviour

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1. Describe two types of challenging behaviour that occurred and briefly describe the characteristics of such behaviours.
Challenging behaviour in the school context encompasses behaviour that interferes with a student’s own and/or other students’ learning. Different types of challenging behaviour displayed by children are: aggressive behaviour, self-injurious behaviour, disruptive behaviour, destructive behaviour, oppositional behaviour, stereotyped behaviours, socially inappropriate behaviour, and withdrawn behaviour.
In this case, Jimmy portrays disruptive behaviour by verbal abuse and non-cooperation when he started insulting the teacher. Jimmy also displayed physical aggression when he reacted by throwing a pen in the direction of the lecturer with the intention of hurting her.
There is always a cause of clinically related challenging behaviour, even if it is not evident to staff at the time. Challenging behaviour is often an expression of distress …show more content…

Her threshold of patience will also be very low and could get easily angry with other students as well.
On the other hand, the other students are also heavily impacted by Jimmy’s behaviour. Every child is entitled to an education in a safe and secure environment, which is free from frequent disruptions. When Jimmy displays challenging behaviour and disrupts the class often, tension will build up in class. They could resent Jimmy for his behaviour and thus lead him to be more isolated and without any friends. Their learning will definitely be affected also because most of the time lessons are stopped to deal with the disruptive behaviour.
Administration have the duty to ensure that the school is a safe and healthy environment for teachers and students. The promotion of positive behaviour in the classroom and school is necessary if these outcomes are to be

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