Personal Narrative Essay: Darrel's Dentistry '

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I looked both ways before crossing the street and approaching the man.
“Uh, will you be taking me to the hotel?”
The man did not answer, but got back into the driver 's seat. I looked back at the building I had just walked out of. The weathered wooden sign the above the front doors read: ‘Darrel’s Dentistry.’ After taking a deep breath, I opened the car door and climbed into the back seat.
I must have dozed off, because I was awoken by somebody poking my shoulder. I yawned as I unbuckled and stepped out of the vehicle. The man handed me a keycard with a number, then turned and once again got behind the wheel. I observed him for a moment, then closed my door and watched him speed off down the road. I did a full 360, taking in the scenery. I …show more content…

The building itself was surrounded by other not-too-old but not-too-new structures. From where I was, I could see a deli, a candy shop, a gas station, a grocery store, and some other stores.
I faced the hotel again, and started walking up the marble steps to the entrance. Upon walking in, I realized this hotel was one of those buildings that looks way different on the inside than it does on the outside. I was greeted with a grand, carpeted staircase with gold lined handrails. On either side of the staircase were hallways. Immediately to my right and left were desks where attendants sat behind computers, clicking away at the keyboards.
A lady came from behind one of the desks, and escorted me to a room three floors up. As I walked into my hotel room, the first thing I noticed were the clothes laid out on the queen sized bed. I stripped out of my casual clothes, wasting no time. I wanted to get this dinner date over with as soon as possible. I slipped into a black, short sleeve dress, and pulled on some shiny black heels. I tied my hair into a donut bun that could count as semi-formal, and grabbed my jacket and key card. As I walked out the door, I walked into the next year of my

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