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When we think about Indonesia, we often think of Bali. But Indonesia is significantly more than that. It’s a country containing more cultural diversity, house to around more than 200 ethnic groups along with 700 languages. It is one of the largest countries on this planet, counting around seventeen, 500 magnificent hawaiian islands, some of that happen to be still unexplored. This list will explore the most notable ten places to see while you are traveling across the country.

Dieng Plateau, Key Java

Formed as soon as the eruption of your mountain Prau, the Dieng Plateau is often a caldera complex placed at 2, 000 measures above sea levels. Its location makes it among the coolest destinations within Indonesia, and the transform is easily noticeable coming from the surrounding lowlands. The major sights to check out there include a multicolored lake, a hot spring, breathtaking sceneries on the peaks and historic Hindu temples. Different in character on the rest of Coffee, trekking through your lush rolling hillsides, passing by wonderful plantations, and breathing some fresh air while looking at the mountains in your horizon, is one of the most fascinating journeys to become taken in your neighborhood.

Lake Maninjau, Western side Sumatra

A little journey beaten path, within a region where a lot of unspoiled natural wonders can nevertheless be found, lies your beautiful Lake Maninjau. The lake is found in a volcanic crater, 461 metres above the sea. To reach the conclusion

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