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Pelham, located in lower Westchester, has the unique distinction of being both the first and smallest town in Westchester County. Small, yes, but there 's still lots to do here and its picturesque, small-town feel is part of its charm. Originally incorporating areas of the Bronx including City Island and Pelham Bay Park, the town is now nestled just along the border of the Bronx, less than a half hour from Manhattan on the Metro North.

Pelham’s top-notch public schools, close proximity to NYC, CT and greater Westchester along with many recreational and cultural centers and activities makes it a great neighborhood for families. The town offers many family friendly eateries, seasonal events, charming boutiques, engaging programs, classes and
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There is a (very) small theater and a (very) small art center, and a playground near or in each elementary school. The restaurants are all pizza places, except for a couple of bars and chinese restaurants and a couple of cafes and ice cream shops.

Just OUTSIDE of Pelham is where it 's at, mainly in New Rochelle. New Roc City is less than 4 miles from the Pelham train station, which has loads of fun stuff including movies, bowling, minigolf, an arcade, laser tag- the works. En route to New Roc, there is The Rock Club, a sweet indoor rock climbing club. The Bronx/Pelham border area also sports a Fairway and Five Guys, but not much stuff to DO.

Mainly, Pelham is just a place where people are either really rich and live in overpriced McMansions in the Manor, or aren 't so rich and still live in overpriced housing in the Village and Heights. Most people commute to work and are out of town for the majority of the day, so there is no real reason for the town or its inhabitants to invest in "fun". It is also much easier just to commute on foot or by bus/car to New Rochelle, Bronxville, Mamaroneck, or the City to enjoy what they have to offer, which is probably why it is so expensive to live here in the first
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