Dick's Sporting Goods Competitive Advantage

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Innovation and Competitive Advantage
"Dick's Sporting Goods is America's hottest retailer." This was the title of an article published on CNN Money (2016), referring to the sporting goods giant after several of its competitors went bankrupt, or are on the verge of going bankrupt. But what makes Dick's Sporting Goods so good; is it their leadership, their products or is it just pure luck. According to the reading, "Being competitive is very different than achieving sustainable competitive advantage" (Hisrich & Kearney, 2014, p.69). This is generated by Dick's Sporting Goods ability to produce and sell their products at a more commercial value than its competitors.
Philosophy on Innovation The "Dick's Sporting Goods" (2017) website mentions
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This goes to show that they have flexible strategies and processes in which they can meet the needs of their stakeholders. Dick's also meets those same demands to their customers by providing first place service with its knowledgeable staff and product, while having their suppliers play a significant role in the objective. Suppliers for the organization supports these needs by providing the product from vendors and factories in both the United States and…show more content…
Like most if not all companies, they listen to the client and put their focus on new and better products. As a major sporting store across the nation, research and development at Dick's focus on how to put more stores with their products in areas where other sports stores currently have the upper hand, like Hibbet Sport in the South and Academy Sports and Outdoors, who is now owned by Bass Pro Shop. More of their research and development according to CNN Money (2016), is how to compete against its biggest challenges from the retailer giants Walmart, Target and Amazon. These three have proven to crush employees with their low prices, which is somewhere the Dick' Sporting Goods wants to be at.
While still dealing with significant competition from Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop in its hunting and fishing department, Dick's has proven itself to being on top in the sports equipment and retailer department. Through its philosophy and innovation, being able to adapt to external changes, as well as the change in the fast paced environment and by listening and meeting the needs of their customers and keeping both the stakeholders and suppliers happy, the organization with the help of its R&D will be at a competitive advantage
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