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Carter Crow 3/15/16 Diesel mechanics Rudolf Diesel who is best known for the invention of the engine that bears his name he was born in Paris France in 1858. diesels third test engine was used in the successful 1897 acceptance test 1 cylinder 4 stroke water cooled air injection of fuel output with 14.7 KW and and fuel consumption was 317g/k. it all started with a engine the size of a dirtbike engine and from there on the diesel engine has changed Americas industrial industry forever changing. they could haul heavier loads and run longer on less fuel and had 10 times as much torque as a gasoline engine The diesel engine is one of the most important parts of American industrial and Automotive History from its initial introduction …show more content…

The length of your training might vary depending on whether you 're earning a certificate, diploma or associate 's degree in diesel mechanics or a related field, but most programs can be completed in 6 months to 2 years. Your classes will likely include hands-on and classroom instruction in electrical systems, air conditioning systems and brake systems. You 'll also learn how to properly diagnose, repair and rebuild a diesel engine. My plan is attending Waco for two years and plan to get my Advanced degree in diesel mechanics and go through the training to learn how a diesel engine works and how to repair and fix it you can also get a mechanic 's certificate and it teaches you the basics of mechanics but the instructor told me that if i took the advanced degree that I would pretty much be guaranteed a job and that most people that hire out of the school usually look for the people that want to go the extra mile and want to do more than the average person and that find a intrest in what you are doing and have a will to work and learn Entry-level diesel mechanics usually perform basic maintenance procedures. You may perform more complicated tasks as you gain experience, such as diagnose and repair engine problems, replace worn out components of braking and cooling systems, or troubleshoot electrical

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